Japanese Bobtail Cat Temperament and Lifespan

Japanese Bobtail is characterized by intelligence, devotion and phlegmatic temperament. You can hear its voice often, but it isn't noisy having a rich gamut of intonations. It loves swimming, can perform some commands. It is smart, friendly, but at the same time the cat is sensitive to cold and picky in food, almost all cats of this breed prefer fish.

Bobtail kittens are very playful. Most often there are four kittens are born. The short tail of this breed is not accompanied by a factor of death, unlike Manx, so kittens, as the practice shows, are born healthy. In this case, the gene has a recessive short tail, as a result, when crossed with a long-tailed species of bobtail kittens which are born with tails of normal length. But the Japanese Bobtail is not recommended to breed with other breeds. It usually lives about 9-15 years.

How Much Does a Japanese Bobtail Cat Cost and Price Range

The average price for a Japanese Bobtail is about $500-$600. If you need show quality kitten, then the price can be higher ranging from $800 to $1000.

You should purchase your pet only from the trustworthy breeder who has some documents which can prove the pedigree of the kitten.

Japanese Bobtail Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Japanese Bobtail is characterized by medium size, harmonious complexion, a short tail and narrow, slanted, wide-set eyes. It has the long and slender legs where the back legs are longer than the front legs and bent in the joints close to the front.

The coat is of medium length. On the ears, paws and muzzle it is significantly shorter, on tail it is longer of soft and silky texture, single-layer without the dense undercoat. Japanese Bobtail can have the combination of two colors and three colors where the white color is the dominant one. The best coat color is considered to be a combination of black and red colors. The average weight of the cat is 3.5-7 kg.

Japanese Bobtail Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Almost all cats have the well-developed hunting instinct. That is why they prefer to carry a toy in its mouth and play tug. They are committed as the dogs, and they choose someone as their owner. These cats are always cautious, but without aggression and panic. They are happy to learn about new places. They like to walk. All cats walk accustomed to a leash and harness. They love to climb trees and chase butterflies.

Japanese Bobtail cats are affectionate and intelligent. And if between the cat and the owner there is some connection established, the Bobtail will always show attention following the house owner, getting on your hands, purring gently.