Volpino Italiano Temperament and Lifespan

Volpino Italiano dogs have lively character. They are energetic and noisy dogs which are very attached to the master. Dogs of this breed are playful and funny, but at the same time vigilant and attentive. They treat outsiders with suspicion and are ready to raise the alarm at any time, and to defend the owner and his property. These dogs are intelligent and obedient. They get along well not only with adults but also children.

The most active of all is the Spitz Volpino Italiano. These dogs love to make some noise regardless of the reason. Volpino Italiano is very attached to his master and in need of constant contact with him. Due to its playfulness that Spitz would be a good friend to children. With this dog is impossible to become bored. Remember that Volpino Italiano is very difficult to tolerate the loneliness.They live about 11-13 years.

How Much Does a Volpino Italiano Cost and Price Range

As for the price range, it varies from $450 to $700 depending on the dog quality as the breed or show quality dogs cost more than ordinary pet quality dogs. The price may also depend on the breeder and the country you are buying your pet.

Volpino Italiano Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The colors of these dogs are white, red and yellow color, there are also black and sable Volpino which can be met much less now. The height is 28 cm. Their weight is 4.5 kg.

Volpino Italiano Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Volpino is an energetic, cheerful and playful dog, endowed with a strong character.

This breed suits for apartment life. Little, funny dog is the perfect friend for an elderly person, and for families with young children. The small size of these dogs allows them to be taken with the host anywhere.

This dog breed does not need much exercise. However, for a complete lifestyle, it needs regular walks with the ability to get rid of excess energy. But its short legs cannot endure long journeys. Its miniature size allows the hosts to carry it in their hands.

Volpino Italiano is a decorative miniature breed known since the 17th century. The name is translated from the Italian "Volpe" - "fox", and it defines the breed. Indeed, pointed snout Volpino resembles a fox. Parents of Volpino can rightly be considered Spitz. From early sources it became known that this breed originated from the Italian Pomeranian white, and not the German, but very often because of their resemblance it is attributed to this group. For centuries Volpino enjoyed enormous popularity among the ladies of Italy.